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A community platform to upload content according to community requirements.

Memeni - social network for communities. The community can be a corporation, company, private group or any kind of community that wants to create an individual independent platform. The community provides various options for uploading posts according to the needs of the community or organisation, monitoring uploaded content, interaction system and admin system to manage the community and increase engagement. The platform started as B2C product and allowed anyone to open a community on any topic they wanted, but over time it changed to a B2B product and allowed other organisations, companies and communities to go out of Facebook and build an individual community with customisable features that increase the engagement.

My Role in the Project
  • Research
  • User flow
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Assets system
  • Comunication and Delivered to programmers

  • Goals
  • Intuitive platform
  • Increasing community engagement
  • Unlimited content
  • Upload different content like events, challenge, fundraising, offerings, survey, photo/video upload
  • Increase interaction among community members
  • Collaboration features

  • Research
    The idea of ​​creating a system that is outside of Facebook has led to research different types of communities. Since the product changed from B2B to B2C we did a new study that also dealt with the need of communities/companies/businesses to get out of Facebook. We researched about the disadvantages and advantages of Facebook, what are the goals of communities when deciding to work with an individual platform and what the disadvantage and fear of users that sharing their content there. We ask different people involved in different communities(sports, startups, moms community, collectibles, student community, Neighbors community, job search community) about their needs, goals, and daily behaviour in existing communities. We also researched about other social networks such as - Twitter, linkedin, Kickstarter, Pinterest according to the type of content being uploaded. In the study, we also examined the interaction of users with messages or comments and the way they upload new content and register to the platform.


    Sports CommunityImage placeholder

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    Data architecture
    The community feed is the main page to engage, create and see what is new within the community. This page collect the latest information about the community and suggest members and post to engage with.

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    New post flow
    New post is just one out of many features, it's part of the creation box in the header and allows members to search and create different posts.

    Image placeholder

    Final Result

    Community page including news feedImage placeholder

    Image placeholder

    Header behaviourImage placeholder

    Image placeholder

    Events PageImage placeholder

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    Target AudienceImage placeholder

    Email DesignImage placeholder

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