Group feature was created to address different needs within the community

Memeni is a B2B social platform for communities. The community can be a corporation, company, private group, or any kind of organization that wants to create an individual independent platform outside of Facebook. The community provides customizable features to increase engagement such as monitoring uploaded content, communication system, and a management community interface.

The Problem
Throughout the ongoing work with a variety of communities, we discovered a few problems with the user's behavior that had to lead us create the group feature.

  • Users didn't want to always use the search feature to find content.
  • Users of sports communities asked for different sections such as game tickets and deals, fan page, shop, news, and more.
  • Offering feature didn't answer to the marketing goals.
  • It was impossible to create a new feature for each kind of content of different communities.

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  • Research
    We research various types of groups in several communities and platforms. We draw the user journey starting from the desire to be part of a group and ended with the interaction of the users within the group. We explored different platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and explore different case sensorium of uploading new content, communication, and other interaction features. We researched both admin and users to reach the smallest resolutions of group management, operation, and participation.

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  • Intuitive platform
  • Increasing community engagement
  • Increase interaction among community members
  • Different channels to meet diverse needs of users

  • Requirements
  • An intuitive system that allows adding/manage groups for end-users and admin
  • Accessible information about the group name, type, and number of members of the group
  • Upload different content like events, challenge, fundraising, offerings, survey, photo/video upload
  • Quick navigation to groups feature
  • Simple and easy chat feature to communicate and upload a new post

  • Data architecture
    The group feature is part of the community main navigation menu.

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    My Role in the Project
  • Research & functional specifications
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Comunication and Delivered to programmers
  • User flow
  • Assets system

  • Final Result

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    Lobby groups page & info pageImage placeholder

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    Other features and screens from Memeni

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