Monitoring System

An interface to control Medical equipment data

The system is designed to operate and monitor medical equipment in various institutions. Every device has a sensor that provides data information such as - errors, active/inactive sensors and their location. The goal is to allow every employee to log in and receive information for any device in a simple and intuitive way.

The Broblem
1.The old system was not adapted to older people.

2. Difficulty in reading alerts - it was not noticeable enough and no location could be seen.

3. No control for each project and disorganization of information, which leads to missing out alerts.

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To reach an intuitive and coherent system, it was necessary to understand what were the problems in the old system. The user's study revealed that the lack of information arrangement led to many unsuccessful attempts by the user to get to the right page, especially the alerts page. I researched the importance of the features to arrange the information and prioritize the different features and tools.

Old system

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User Jurney

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  • Clear view for current information on each device
  • Arranging information clearly and coherently
  • Simple navigation option to move between different categories
  • A system that is clear and convenient for older users
  • Clean and usuble user interface

  • My Role in the Project
  • Research
  • User flow
  • Data architecture
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Comunication and Delivered to programmers

  • Data architecture
    The system existed, but the navigation erragment was not effective and efficient for users. The goal was to rearrange the different categories in order to make them faster and easier to reach. Also, it was important to indicate where the user is within the system to make it easier to navigate to other categories.

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    Final Result

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    Project Page_Alerts ManagementImage placeholder

    Project Page_Emergency Alerts Image placeholder

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